Anodising Pre-Treatment from Honeyglen Anodising

Anodising Pre-Treatment from the UK Anodisers, Honeyglen Anodising
Chemical Pre-Treatments

Prior to the actual anodising a number of different chemical pre-treatments may be carried out which each give different surface finish to the profiles:

1Etching is a chemical process in an alkaline solution. This method is used for removing small impurities on the surface, such as for instance oil, dirt, and the ever-present oxide layer. Etching is typically used as a pre-treatment before anodising, but depending on the time the profiles are in the etching bath, different surface finish can be achieved.

2Chemical polishing is a process which attacks irregularities in the material giving an even surface. This treatment gives the surface a reflective finish.

Mechanical Pre-Treatments

Before the actual anodising various mechanical pre-treatments may be carried out. A number of these possibilities are described below:

1Linishing; linishing smooths the profile surface. Stripes may be left in the linishing direction. Fineness is depending on the grain size on the abrasive.

2Polishing; polishing is typically a finishing treatment after linishing or an intermediate treatment before reflective finishing. Polishing differs from linishing in the obtained degree of surface roughness.

3Brushing; by brushing the profile surface roughness can vary depending on the choice of brushes, abrasive, and technique. Hereby a fine, mat-polished appearance can be obtained, which has the advantage compared to reflective finishing, that it is considerably less defect sensitive.

4Mirror finish; Polishing combined with chemical brightening gives a highly reflective appearance to the aluminium.

Our Anodising Capabilities:

Anodising Finishes Maximum Length
Anodising Finishes available in Matt / Etch Natural 5000mm
Polished Chemically Brightened Silver 3200mm
Polished Chemically Brightened Gold 3200mm
Polished Chemically Brightened Black 3000mm
Pearl Silver 4500mm
Pearl Gold 4000mm
Matt Gold 4000mm
Matt Black 3000mm
Electro Bronze 3000mm